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What is self-access?

Providing a licensed Realtor, prospective tenant, or maintenance vendor access to your vacant rentals when they need it is a very effective way to get your rentals leased quickly. This is called self-access, and when done using our electronic lockboxes and one-time use codes it is both quick and secure.

How does self-access work?

We use Tenant Turner to qualify prospective tenants against the leasing restrictions of your rental and also to authorize Realtors and our maintenance vendors. All access is monitored and our team is notified each time authorized person arrives at your rental and requests an access code.

Only those who have been pre-qualified or pre-approved for entry into your rental are given an access code, and one-time use codes can used only once and only on the day for which they are generated.

  • Realtors can use a Realtor-only link provided through the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) that allows them to easily schedule a showing without having to call our office and coordinate a time.

  • Trusted maintenance vendors are selected by our staff and allowed to self-access your rentals without the need to come to the office and pick up a key. If we stop using a vendor we simply remove them from Tenant Turner to prevent further self-access.

  • Prospective tenants can schedule self-access to your vacant rentals after they have provided verifiable contact information, qualified against the leasing restrictions we set with you (e.g. pet policy, income requirements, etc.), and provided a copy of their government issued ID.

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