If you manually post to Craiglist, we recommend you include your Tenant Turner phone number and to also provide a direct link in the description of the listing to your Tenant Turner Account Listings page so leads can get added to Tenant Turner automatically.

Tip: Add a call to action on your Craigslist listing driving leads to call your Tenant Turing phone number or to follow the link to your listings page.

"Call (XXX)-XXX -XXXX or follow this link (listings page link) to schedule a showing!"

Your Tenant Turner phone number and listings page can be found in the Account > Listing Information section of your Tenant Turner account. Note: Only administrator users have access to this section.

When creating your Craigslist post, update the phone number to be your new Tenant Turner leasing line.

For email leads from Craigslist you can:

  1. Turn off email leads and just drive them to call your leasing line. (Recommended)

  2. Continue to post using your email address as you do today. (Keep in mind this will route inquires to your email address rather than into Tenant Turner automatically)

Note: Craigslist does not require leads to provide name, number, or an actual email so we will not be able to create a lead in Tenant Turner until the prospect completes the pre-qualification process online or by phone.

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