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How should I post a listing to Zillow Rental Manager?
How should I post a listing to Zillow Rental Manager?

Use your Tenant Turner email address and phone number to get leads in Tenant Turner automatically.

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Quick summary of how to post a listing to Zillow Rental Manager and have leads routed to Tenant Turner:

  1. Create the listing on Zillow

  2. Make sure the addresses in Zillow matches exactly how you have in Tenant Turner

  3. Use your Tenant Turner Listing Information as the contact info for the Zillow listing

  4. If Zillow sends a verification text or email, contact Tenant Turner's support team

When posting to Zillow Rental Manager, you can use your Tenant Turner phone number and email address. This will ensure leads call your Tenant Turner phone number and the email inquiries get added as leads automatically.

1. Get your Tenant Turner phone number and email address from the Rentals > Listing Information section of your Tenant Turner account (screenshot below).

2. Go to and click to Sign in using your email address.

3. Click the address to edit the Contact Information for existing listings to add your Tenant Turner phone number and email address.

4. When you go to list a new rental, make sure the phone number and email address are your Tenant Turner leasing line and email address.

5. Zillow should pre-fill previously used contact information for all subsequently added listings.

Note: You will be required to retrieve a verification code. Choose to send the code via SMS and reach out to the Tenant Turner support team by starting a chat or email and we'll retrieve the code for you.

Important Notes:

  • If you see 'Please enter a valid email address' error message when updating the contact details, make sure there are no spaces before or after the email address.

  • Zillow is now also requiring verification for emails. To get the verification code that is sent, please contact Tenant Turner Support during our support hours.  

  • Zillow is no longer publishing rentals listings from previous MLS feeds. All rentals listings displayed on Zillow will need to be published by having a Zillow Feed Connect agreement or through Zillow Rental Manager.

  • Pricing for Feed Connect will vary. To get more information on this please contact

  • The address you list on Zillow has to match exactly to what is in Tenant Turner and your property management software. This means spelling, spacing, punctuation, etc. There can be no variation in the address. If the addresses do not match exactly, this can cause issues with lead routing. For example: 123 Main Street vs 123 Main St vs 123 Main St.

For more information on helpful tips when posting a listing to Zillow, check out this article!

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