If your calendar invites are not showing up on your calendar, there are a few things to check:

  1. Did you receive the email?  Calendar invites should automatically be added to your calendar, but you also receive an email with the calendar invite.  If you didn't receive the email, check your spam folder.  If it's in spam, you'll want to mark those messages as not spam, and to be extra safe add email@i.tenantturnermail.com as an email contact.  

  2. Are your calendar settings updated?  There's a setting to automatically add invitations to your calendar, and you'll want to make sure that is turned on.  See screenshot below for example of the setting in Google Calendar.

  3. If you did receive the email, does it look like a normal calendar invite?  If it looks like plain text without the calendar invite attachment (ICS file), then those appointments won't be added to your calendar automatically.  It may be that your spam filter or company filter is stripping that attachment out of the email.

  4. Do you have multiple calendars or email forwarding set up?  If so, you may need to review #1 to make sure you're receiving the emails to the correct accounts.  For example, if you have your work email forwarding to your personal email, are you receiving Tenant Turner emails in both accounts?

Here's an example of the calendar settings for Google Calendar (found in Google Calendar > Settings > Event settings > Automatically add invitations):

If you're still having issues with your invites displaying on your calendar, let us know! 

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