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Lead flow: Automated leasing line
Lead flow: Automated leasing line

How your Tenant Turner phone number works when a lead calls in

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New Caller

When callers reach your Tenant Turner automated agent they're prompted to choose one of three options:

  1. Inquire about a specific rental

  2. Get a list of all active rentals

  3. Calling for some other reason (i.e. maintenance, owner etc.)

When callers press 1 and elect to get a text, we text them.

When callers press 1 and elect to speak to someone we forward the call to the number of the user to whom the rental is assigned (or if you have the leasing line call center, we forward the call to the call center).

When callers press 2 we text them a link of all your active rentals.

When callers press 3 we forward the caller to the phone number set in your account settings.

Please note that when a caller indicates they're calling about a specific property and we prompt them to enter the street number, if they enter a number that doesn't match any of your active rentals we'll send a text message to all your active rentals and end the call. In other words, if they don't know which rental they're calling about, the call center agent will have difficulty helping them, so we send the list so they can find the one they want.

Return Caller

If a caller already has a scheduled or requested viewing with your account we first ask them when they call if they are calling about that rental. If they indicate yes, we provide the status of their viewing (date and time or that the property manager will review their request). If they indicate they are calling about a different rental we give the options 1, 2, and 3 detailed above.

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