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In your Account Settings, you can set your default viewing options for your account as a whole. When your rentals are imported, these are the settings that will initially apply to your rentals so think of this section like a template! You will also have the ability to change some of these on a rental settings level. 

Self-Access Viewings:

The Self-Access Viewings option is for rentals where the tenant lead will show themselves the rental (as opposed to the property manager or a leasing agent showing the rental). To indicate your rental will allow for self-access viewings, toggle this option on.

Note: To allow the option to turn Self-Access Viewings on for any of your rentals, it must be turned on in your Account Settings.

Viewing Type
This refers to the type of self-access viewing (e.g. CodeBox, SentriLock, or mechanical lockbox).

Note: If you will be using CodeBox Lockboxes and did not order them through Tenant Turner, you'll want to get those transferred so you can use them through your Tenant Turner account.

Available Times
The default time tenant leads will be able to schedule viewings is 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM.  Those times may be adjusted in the account settings.

Note: If you'd like to change the time to be earlier than 8:00 AM or later than 9:00 PM and you're using CodeBox lockboxes, you'll need to change the times manually on the CodeBox.

Viewing Approval
Set Appointments allows a pre-qualified tenant lead to schedule their viewing and the appointment time will be automatically accepted. Take Requests is the other option that requires the pre-qualified tenant lead to request times that must be approved by the property manager.

Self-Access Viewing Instructions
You can customize the messages leads receive once they confirm their scheduled viewing. This field is optional! Check out this article for details on this feature.

Require Government ID
You may choose to require the tenant lead to upload a copy of his or her driver's license or government ID in order to schedule a self-access viewing. You can view the uploaded photo from the lead's detail page by selecting the lead's name and then on their lead page it will have a button that you can click to 'view ID'.

Note: All IDs uploaded to a lead's page in Tenant Turner will be deleted 90 days after the ID was uploaded to Tenant Turner, regardless of lead or rental status. For more information on our privacy policy, please click here.

In-Person Viewings:

If someone from your team will show the rental in person, then In-Person Showings should be enabled and the fields that follow should be completed.

Note: To be able to turn In-Person Showings on for any of your rentals, it must be turned on here in your Account Settings.

Maximum Showings per Time
The maximum number of people that will be permitted to view the property at any one time (e.g. 1 for one-on-one showings, 5 for small group showings, or 20+ for an open house).

Showing Duration
The amount of time you're giving yourself to show the rental during a showing. This is the amount of time blocked off for the calendar event as well!

Scheduling Notice
The minimum amount of time a property manager requires as advance notice from a tenant lead who wants to book a showing (e.g. 4 hours for same day showings, 16 hours for next day showings, or 24 hours for a full day's notice).

Buffer Before Showing
This allows the property manager to set themselves some time to travel to the property and prepare it for showing before showing appointments begin.

Limit Showings
If you'd like to schedule only one time slot per day, set the limit to once per day.  If you'd like to schedule your showings to fit within a single trip, set the limit to one trip per day.  In this case, we'll attempt to cluster together as many showings for a particular rental as possible. For example, if you have a showing at 10:00 AM, we'll open up the time slots before and after at 9:30 AM and 10:30 AM.

Unconfirmed Showings
We attempt to confirm with every tenant lead via email and text ahead of the scheduled showing.  If the tenant lead does not confirm, you have 3 options for actions that can be triggered:

  • Automatically cancel the appointment which will notify the lead, assigned Tenant Turner user and remove it from the calendar.

  • Notify the Tenant Turner user via email. This will leave the appointment on the calendar but allows you enough notice to make a decision on how you prefer to proceed.

  • Lastly, you could choose to "Do Nothing" and everything will remain intact for the scheduled viewing regardless of confirmation.

Optional Showing Details
This section gives you the ability to add an address override (if you'd like to meet the tenant lead at a leasing office or some other location first), showing instructions (if there's anything you'd like the tenant lead to know ahead of the showing), and/or require them to upload their government ID.

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