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Text message leads from Tenant Turner instead of using your own cell phone.

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Tenant Turner Messages allows you to text message your leads from within Tenant Turner without having to use your cell phone or hop in to a different software.

Leads will show up on the Messages page anytime there is a conversation initiated by you or the lead.

If a lead sends a text message to your leasing line phone number that is not a valid response to one of Tenant Turner's automated messages, it will show as a new message for you to review. You can reply from the Messages page by clicking the leads name and composing a new text message.

If a lead responds to a text message that you sent to them, you will see a notification in the main menu. Tenant Turner also will send you an email notification so you don't miss out.

To send a personalized message to a specific lead, go to their lead detail page and click SEND MESSAGE below their contact information.

To enable the Messages add-on feature, an administrator of your Tenant Turner account can navigate to Account > Add-ons.  There, the feature can be enabled and added as a monthly add-on. Once enabled you will also be able to reference a message counter to see how many messages you and your team have been sending in the given month.

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