Tenant Turner Messages allows you to text message your leads from within Tenant Turner without having to use your cell phone or hop in to a different software.

Leads will show up on the Messages page anytime there is a conversation initiated by you or the lead.

If a lead sends a text message to your leasing line phone number that is not a valid response to one of Tenant Turner's automated messages, it will show as a new message for you to review. You can reply from the Messages page by clicking the leads name and composing a new text message.

If a lead responds to a text message that you sent to them, you will see a notification in the main menu. Tenant Turner also will send you an email notification so you don't miss out.

To send a personalized message to a specific lead, go to their lead detail page and click SEND MESSAGE below their contact information.

To sign up for Messages, an administrator of your Tenant Turner account can navigate to Account > Billing.  There messages can be enabled and added as a monthly add-on.

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