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If you're syndicating through your MLS, you may have additional steps to take to get leads routed to Tenant Turner.

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The 3 options for forwarding leads from your MLS rental listings:

  1. Turn off syndication in MLS (if you're able)

  2. Use your Tenant Turner listing information as the contact for your MLS listings

  3. Syndicate through MLS and set up call forwarding and email forwarding rules to route leads to Tenant Turner

If you’re currently syndicating through your MLS, there may be some additional steps you need to take to make sure leads get routed to Tenant Turner.  Since your MLS has your phone number and email address, having your listings updated with your Tenant Turner phone number and email address to get leads routed to Tenant Turner instead of your inbox is essential.  

Every MLS is a little different, so the steps you take depend on your MLS and what you’re posting there (only rentals or sales as well).  If you are syndicating through your MLS, continue reading to determine the best way to get leads routed to Tenant Turner.

Option 1 - If you’re able to turn syndication off in your MLS, that’s by far the best option. That way you’ll let your property management software or Tenant Turner do your syndication and your listings won't get overwritten by your MLS.  You could still post in your MLS, just not syndicate pushing out your contact information.  Not every MLS will allow you to turn off syndication for individual listings (which you'd want to do if you're posting sales too), so you may need to check with your MLS to see if this is an option.  

Option 2 - You could update your MLS with your Tenant Turner phone number and email address (found in Tenant Turner on Rentals > Listing Information section).  This will allow you to continue syndicating through the MLS and since the contact information will be Tenant Turner's, leads will get routed through to Tenant Turner.  This may not be an option if you're posting sales as you wouldn't want Tenant Turner contact information on those.

Option 3 - Continue syndicating through your MLS with your contact information, and set up call forwarding and email forwarding rules.  This option will allow you to keep everything the same as it is now, and then the calls will be forwarded to Tenant Turner and the email forwarding rules would route leads through Tenant Turner.  This requires a bit more set up.  Instructions are included below and our team is here and happy to walk you through it.  Set up a call with us so we can chat through it together.  

Call forwarding - You'll want to forward calls for the number that you're using in your MLS. This will ensure anyone who is calling your number will get sent to your Tenant Turner phone number so leads can get pre-qualified and scheduled through Tenant Turner.  We have instructions for forwarding calls from Grasshopper and RingCentral.  Other providers should follow a similar process.

Email forwarding rules - You'll want to set up email forwarding rules for the email account you're using in your MLS.  This will make sure any inquiries from the listing sites get automatically forwarded to Tenant Turner so we can follow up with leads to get them pre-qualified and scheduled.  We have instructions for email forwarding rules for Gmail and Office 365.  

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