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Learn more about Messages, Leasing Line Call Center, Electronic Lockboxes, and Smart Locks.

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Tenant Turner offers different add ons to further help your leasing process.  On the Add-Ons page in your Tenant Turner account, Administrative users have the option to add messages, call center, electronic lockboxes, and smart locks.

Note: If you do not see a button to 'buy' or 'transfer' for the add-ons, make sure your payment method information is updated on your account billing page.


Tenant Turner Messages allows you to text message your leads from within Tenant Turner without having to use your cell phone or hop in to a different software.  Leads will show up on the Messages page anytime there is a conversation initiated by you or the lead.  If a lead sends a text message to your leasing line phone number that is not a valid response to one of Tenant Turner's automated messages, it will show as a new message for you to review. You can reply from the Messages page by clicking the leads name and composing a new text message.

If a lead responds to a text message that you sent to them, you will see a notification in the main menu. If you're not logged in, Tenant Turner will send you an email notification so you don't miss out.

Leasing Line Call Center

With Tenant Turner, leads will call your Tenant Turner phone number, which is an automated leasing line.  Leads will have the option to receive a text message so they can schedule a viewing on their own.  About 70% of leads will do that.  If you are signed up for the Tenant Turner Leasing Line Call Center and the lead chooses to speak to someone, we’ll forward those calls to the call center instead of back to you or your team. The call center will answer basic questions the lead has about any of your rentals and then get the lead added into Tenant Turner, pre-qualified, and scheduled for a viewing based on the availability that you’ve set up.  

Electronic Lockboxes and Smart Locks

Providing an agent, lead, or vendor access to your vacant rentals when they need it is a very effective way to get your rentals leased quickly. With electronic lockboxes and smart locks, only leads that have been pre-qualified are given access to your properties, and their access only works for a limited amount of time. In your rental settings, you will be able to assign an electronic lockbox or smart lock to a particular rental. You’ll also have a new Access section in your account where you can grant access on-demand if needed. Additionally, you can set up Authorized Contacts to give access to vendors and anyone else you trust that may need access to your rentals without having to manually send a link or code.

Here is an article if you need more information on the billing settings. Feel free to reach out to our support team with any questions!

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