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Change the CodeBox lockbox assigned to a rental
Change the CodeBox lockbox assigned to a rental

Replace the CodeBox lockbox that is assigned to a rental in the event of a malfunction.

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In the event the CodeBox lockbox attached to a rental malfunctions there are a few steps you will need to take to replace the CodeBox lockbox and continue to provide self-access viewings for the rental.

The first step is to complete the CodeBox lockbox troubleshooting questionnaire to help diagnose the problem you're experiencing. Provided the troubleshooting steps do not resolve the problem you can submit for a replacement. 

To swap the malfunctioning CodeBox lockbox for another in your account, please take these steps:

  1. Take one of your available CodeBox lockboxes (indicated by red or grey on the Codebox lockbox page) to the property.

  2. Physically remove the malfunctioning CodeBox lockbox from the property using the shackle code.

  3. Attach the replacement CodeBox lockbox to the property.

  4. In Tenant Turner, edit the rental settings to assign the replacement CodeBox lockbox serial number, then save the settings page.

  5. For any upcoming viewings for this rental, reschedule the viewings for the same date and time so we generate new codes that will work with the replacement box. You can see the upcoming viewings on the Viewings page.

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