If you're experiencing low lead flow, the first thing to do is make sure there's not an issue with syndication.  Are you receiving any inquiries directly to your email?  If so, that may indicate that something is off as Tenant Turner should be receiving those inquiries.  You can chat with the Tenant Turner support team or email support@tenantturner.com and we can help determine what may be going on.

Assuming everything is correct and you're still not receiving as many leads as you'd like, you can try a few different things:

  • Manually post to Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace.  To post there, you'll want to use your Tenant Turner phone number and your listings page.  These can be found in the Account > Listing Information section of your account.

  • Consider paying for additional listings to Rentals.com through Rentpath.

  • Turn off the pre-qualifying questions in Tenant Turner.  By default the pre-qualifying questions are on and we'll pre-qualify your leads so only the most qualified leads can schedule a viewing.  This naturally decreases the number of leads you see as typically you'll only see those qualified leads.  If low lead flow is a concern, you can try turning these questions off so every lead has the opportunity to schedule a viewing.  If you'd like to turn the pre-qualifying questions off, chat with the Tenant Turner support team from within Tenant Turner or email support@tenantturner.com. 

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