After you've signed up and created your Tenant Turner account, there are a few steps to take to finish setting up your account and get scheduled for your training.
Note: If you signed up for Showings Coordinator through Buildium, find more information tailored to you here

Create Users - Add other members of your team so they can use Tenant Turner too in the Users section of your account.  Anyone added will receive an email from Tenant Turner to set up their password.  To learn more about users, see our help article on Managing Users

Update Account Settings - Update the default settings in the Account > Settings section of your account.  Upload a logo, set your default restrictions and viewing settings.  To learn more about updating account settings, see our help articles on Company Settings, Restrictions, and Viewings.  

Update Billing Information - Make sure the appropriate payment method(s) are added and the correct billing contact email address is added to receive invoice and payment receipts by going to the Account > Billing section of your account.

Purchase Add-Ons - If you're interested in purchasing add-ons, such as messaging, electronic lockboxes, or the leasing line call center, you can do so by going to the Account > Add-ons section of your account. 

Route Leads to Tenant Turner - Update your listings with your new Tenant Turner contact information.  This is an important step as it will route all leads to Tenant Turner so we can get tenant leads vetted and scheduled for a viewing.  Use this form to learn what updates to make, such as updating your property management software or having Tenant Turner syndicate for you.

Schedule Training - Sign up for a personalized training with a member of the Tenant Turner Success team.  Be sure to add anyone else from your company who will be using Tenant Turner too!  Sign up for a time that works best for you here.
If you're a current customer and would like a training or time to chat with our team, sign up here. We'd love to talk to you! 

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