Add the Entry Point to your available unit in Prempoint.
1: Click on "Units" page
2: Click on the unit
3: Click on the "Add Entry Point" link in the bottom right-hand corner

Next, set the security setting.
1: Change prefix to something descriptive like "Showing"
2: Click on Security tab
3: Enable "User Schedule Required"

Security note: Because Tenant Turner sends the lead’s email address to Prempoint, the access link generated cannot be shared. Only the person who is scheduled can use that link to access Prempoint.

Now grab the Entry Point Access URL.
1: Click on "Units" page
2: Click on the unit
3: Click the Send button on the appropriate entry point.  

Below is the screen you will see after clicking the Send button. Copy the URL shown. This will be pasted into the rental settings in Tenant Turner. 

Configure your Self-access settings in Tenant Turner.
First, make sure Prempoint is turned on as a self-access option in your Account Settings. Note, only Administrators have access to Account Settings. 

Then in the property Settings, select "Prempoint" in the Viewing Type dropdown and paste your Entry Point Access URL in the Self-Access Viewing URL field: 

Update Self-Access Viewing Instructions. Copy and paste the text below into the Self-Access Viewing Instructions:
"To access the property: follow the link to download the Prempoint app, which will auto-create your account. When in front of the door lock, tap the “Check In” button in the app so you can view the property dashboard. Tap “LOCK/UNLOCK” and follow the prompts to enter." 

  • If you are using only Prempoint for self-access, update the self-access viewing instructions in your account settings.

  • If you are using Prempoint along with other self-access options (i.e. CodeBox), then you'll want to add these instructions to the rental settings of any rentals using a Prempoint lock.

A lead receives the Self-Access Viewing Instructions via text when they confirm their appointment. Once a lead clicks on the link, it will take them through installing the app, then it will show the screen below, prompting them to sign up: 

Once they sign up, they will have access to the property during their scheduled time (with a 90 minute buffer before and after). 

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