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How does Tenant Turner help protect you from scammers?
How does Tenant Turner help protect you from scammers?
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We hope that scammers don't target your area, but if they do we're ready... which means you are, too! 

Tenant Turner will:

  • Pre-qualify each tenant lead and filter out anyone who doesn’t meet your minimum qualifications

  • Require qualified leads to upload a copy of their government issued ID (ex. driver’s license) and run it through a facial detection check. Note: All IDs uploaded to a lead's page in Tenant Turner will be deleted 90 days after the ID was uploaded to Tenant Turner, regardless of lead or rental status.

  • Send email, phone, and IP address to a world-class, third-party fraud detection tool to get a fraud score and weed out anyone who is suspected of fraudulent behavior (ex. location or phone type)

  • Verify that the phone number being texted is an actual cell phone tied to a cell phone carrier (ex. Verizon)

  • Issue one-time use codes when the lead is at the rental and that code is only good for the day you authorized them to be there and for a 2 hour window from initial use

  • If we identify that one of your rentals has become a target of a scammer, we have numerous safeguards in place to immediately notify you and any prospective tenants who may be impacted. We even have a fraudulent-listing detector to scan for your rentals on Craigslist. This will automatically flag them as prohibited and share that link with you so you can do the same. 

We will always err on the side of being transparent, so you will see when we suspect a tenant lead of fraud, you will get notified if we see unsavory activity related to your listings, and we will prioritize support requests when you suspect any fraudulent actions.

No software can prevent ALL attempts, so it is very important that we work together to identify and report suspected scam activity. Together we can reduce the impact of scammer attacks and eventually push them away from your rentals.

For more information on our privacy policy, please click here.

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