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Take Requests vs. Set Appointments
Take Requests vs. Set Appointments
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When setting up Availability in Tenant Turner, each user has the option to Take Requests or Set Appointments. This article outlines the difference and which might be right for you. 

Set Appointments
Leads will see the availability offered for the property (note: make sure you have your calendar connected so leads aren't offered times when you have conflicts) and they'll choose a time that works for them. That will set the appointment.

  • Is it right for you? You won't need to take the extra step of monitoring notifications and approving appointments. If you're good about putting any conflicts on your calendar and are a fan of automation, this setting is the way to go. 

Take Requests
For this option, leads must request a showing by picking two or three times from the availability offered. The showing agent will receive an email notification and must approve one of the requested times in order for a showing to be scheduled.
Showing agents can also suggest a new time if none of the requested times work. 

  • Is it right for you? This setting is beneficial if you want to personally review leads before they schedule for an added layer of security, or if you want a little more control over when viewings are scheduled within your availability windows. 

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