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Lead Screening Questions

Review the questions leads are asked by Tenant Turner

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Tenant Turner asks screening questions before allowing leads to schedule a viewing, so you don't waste time showing rentals to or following up with leads who don't meet your minimum qualifications. 

Below are the questions leads will see.  

Pg 1: Contact information Contact fields are pre-populated if the lead inquired from a listing site.

Pg 2: Details This is where we ask leads about their financial and rental history, if they have pets, and when they'd like to move. The Restrictions you set in the Rental Settings determine if leads can schedule based on how they answer. 

Once the lead indicates how they'll be paying rent, a secondary question will appear to get more detail about that. If the source of rent is employment, we'll ask for estimated household income. For students with co-signers, we'll ask their year in school, and if the source of rent is a voucher, we'll ask what kind.

Pg 3: Further details We'll get write-in specifics for the answers they gave on the previous page. 

A lead will click "Submit my info" and move on to the next page to pick a showing time if they're qualified. If they're not, we will kindly let the lead know why they didn't meet your minimum qualifications. 

Next step: These are the standard questions offered in Tenant Turner, and your setup may be a little different. To see exactly what your leads see when getting pre-qualified, we recommend walking through as if you were a lead. Check out step-by-step instructions here

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