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Add your own questions to the pre-qualifying questionnaire

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Tenant Turner asks standard industry questions to pre-qualify your leads, so only the best-fit leads schedule viewings. Click here to reference what we're already asking your leads. If you'd like to turn off the standard pre-screening questions to focus on increasing lead flow, that's possible! You also can create up to five of your own custom questions to learn more about your leads and weed out those who don't meet your minimum qualifications. 

Create custom questions in your Account Settings. Questions can be set up in two ways: 

  • Open-ended questions to gather more information from your leads. These won't have an impact on the lead's score or stop them from scheduling a viewing. Some examples might be: what is your current job title? How long have you lived at your current residence? 

  • Multiple-choice questions, a lead will select an answer from a dropdown. Depending on which answer leads select, they may be prevented from scheduling a viewing. Check off the box for "knockout" next to an answer choice if you would like this to disqualify a lead. 

Please note: Once a question has been added, you cannot edit the question due to it being linked to leads' qualifying data. In order to alter a question, you will need to delete the question and re-add.

Specify which custom questions are asked for each rental. Once your custom questions are created and saved in your Account Settings, you can go to the Rental Settings and turn off questions so they won't appear for that particular rental. This gives you the flexibility to only ask about what matters for each owner and property. 

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