Use the Lead Activity report to see where a personal message would have the most impact

  • Click into Reports and select the Lead Activity Report

  • Select a specific rental from the dropdown (optional) 

  • Filter the report by to show only Qualified leads

  • Click on the Status column to sort by the leads’ scheduling status

This will cut through the noise to show you well-qualified leads who have not yet scheduled a viewing. This is the perfect group to reach out to personally! 

Now you know which leads could use a nudge, you can send them a custom invite through Tenant Turner: 

  • Click on a lead’s name to pull up their lead record

  • Click Schedule

  • Choose the Invite Lead option

  • Write your own custom message in the space provided. Hi Tommy, you and your golden retriever seem like a great fit for 7368 Rose Terrace Court! Here’s the link to schedule a viewing. Hope to see you soon! 

NOTE: When you send invites this way, leads will receive both an email and a text message.  

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