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Five easy ways to add a personal touch with Tenant Turner
Five easy ways to add a personal touch with Tenant Turner

Best practices to go beyond the automation and do more with the leads you're getting.

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Is leasing season slowing? Or do you just want to do more with the leads you have? Check out the tips below on how you can still reap the benefits of Tenant Turner while adding your own personal touch. 

  1. Turn off the automated phone greeting and use your own phone number. While the Tenant Turner phone number is a lifesaver when the lead calls flood in, you have a choice to turn that off and take calls yourself in the slower months, making sure each lead gets a personal touch. 

  2. Send customized invites to leads who need a nudge. You may not have time to reach out to each and every lead, so reports can narrow down where your outreach would be most effective. Then, you can send those leads a personalized invite right from the system.

  3. Turn on Messages to text with your leads through Tenant Turner. This gives your leads a way to reach you personally without giving them your cell number. We've seen this have a huge impact on conversion, especially with those leads who aren't as responsive to email. 

  4. Customize the showing instructions text. Do you want to send a link to a bio page before you meet someone in person? Use the optional showing details to send a custom, automated text message that will send to your leads once they confirm their scheduled showings. 

  5. Send a custom message to leads when you take a property off the market. Don't leave anyone hanging! When you're deactivating a rental in Tenant Turner, send a custom message to leads who were interested and even suggest another property that they might like instead. Your leads will appreciate the follow up! 

  6. Upload a recorded custom greeting for your Tenant Turner leasing line. Want to have a familiar voice greet callers for your leasing line? Upload a prerecorded custom greeting in your account settings.

Using automation and personalization together can help you have the greatest impact on your leads and increase conversion in the slower seasons. If you have questions about trying out one or more of these suggestions, just chat us in the chat box and we can help!

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