If you're not using a property management software to import rentals, then you'll manually add them in Tenant Turner.

To begin manually adding a rental, click the orange add rental button from the Rentals page in Tenant Turner.

Next, add the rental's address and click SAVE.

Use the Activate a rental toggle to indicate if the rental should be active. Activating a rental will allow for tenant leads to begin getting pre-qualified and request or schedule a showing. This will also allow for the listing to syndicate out to the various listing sites for advertisement.

Assign the rental to the appropriate user. If the rental will be available for in-person showings, the assigned user should be the person who will be showing the rental most often, as they will be first in line for availability offered. The assigned user will also receive notifications about the rental.

Follow the steps on the Rental Setting page to configure the marketing details, qualifying restrictions, viewing method(s), and application settings.

Please note: Photos uploaded directly to Tenant Turner have a limit of 10 MB per photo, maximum of 50 photos. Each rental must have at least three images added in order to syndicate out to the listing sites for advertisement.

Click Save Rental Settings to save your information.

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