Zillow has moved into a paid advertising model across all states which now requires listings to be tied to a contract or to be distributed through your MLS. Below are your options and how to best make sure your Zillow leads are still connected to Tenant Turner.

  1. Pay Zillow - this allows you to syndicate as you do today without interruption. If you'd like to set up a paid agreement with Zillow, you will need to reach out to them at rentalfeedinquiries@zillowgroup.com. Just make sure you let them know if you'll be syndicating through Tenant Turner so they can connect the feed. You will get direct access to Zillow customer support and a nightly analytics report. Most importantly, your listings will be seen as coming from a "Verified Source" on Zillow, which will rank your listings higher in default search results and give you a competitive edge over other listings in your area. 
  2. Posting to your MLS - this allows you to syndicate at no additional cost but does require some additional steps to get leads routed to Tenant Turner. You can use your Tenant Turner email address and phone number in your MLS, or you can set up email forwarding rules for Gmail or Office 365 so that leads are automatically forwarded to your Tenant Turner account. To learn more, click here

Whatever option you choose, Tenant Turner is here to help! We know how important your tenant leads are, and our support team is ready to facilitate the transition to Zillow’s paid inclusion or your preferred posting process.

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