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Zillow Syndication Report
Zillow Syndication Report
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If Tenant Turner is set to syndicate your active rentals to Zillow, you will have a Zillow Syndication Report available to see the current status of your syndicated listings. This report can be found in the Reports section of your Tenant Turner account. You could see a variety of statuses appear on this report. Below is a debrief on what these statuses mean. 

  • Posted -- Listing is posted on website.

  • Not Posted - Invalid Data -- Hang tight! Your listing must be brand new and has not been picked up by Zillow just yet.

  • Not Posted - Unpaid Not Allowed -- Zillow paid agreement is required for that type of listing, likely a multifamily rental in a building or community over 25 units.

  • Not Posted - Duplicate -- The Tenant Turner listing has not been posted due to an active listing that currently exists from another source.

  • Not Posted-Inactive -- Listing is currently being advertised as "No Longer Listed" or "Off-Market".

  • Not Posted - Unknown -- Listing has not been syndicated due to unknown reasons. Feel free to contact Tenant Turner support to help diagnose. 

  • Not Posted - Incompatible -- Listing contains information that is not compatible with Zillow's requirements (i.e rental price).

  • Not Posted - Blocked -- The next step is to ask Zillow to review the listing and remove the block.

  • Not Posted - Invalid Address -- Address or address format is incorrect.

  • Pending syndication result -- Listing is currently being advertised for sale. Listing sites will not allow listings for rent and for sale for the same property. The sale listing will take precedence over the rental listing.

  • Syndication not attempted -- Zillow has stopped attempting to advertise the listing due to underlying issues found during the first syndication attempt.

  • Syndication not attempted - Must have 3 pictures -- Listing must include 3 or more images in order to be posted.

  • Yet to be syndicated -- Listing is under review by Zillow before it is pushed live.

If the reason for the status is not clear to you, chat with our support team or email with the full street address and details.

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