Assign a SentriLock lockbox for lead and vendor access to an active rental

  1. In Tenant Turner, click on the user containing the rental, and then click Settings under the rental you want to assign the SentriLock lockbox.
  2. Scroll down to the Viewings section.
  3. Turn on self-access viewings and select the Viewing Type "SentriLock." Pick the serial number from the dropdown. Choose your desired Viewing Approval method. See the screenshot below. Note: This option is only there when you have SentriLock enabled in your Account > Settings. 
  4. Click the "Save Rental Settings" button at the bottom of the page.

That's it! Now tenant leads will have the choice to schedule a SentriLock lockbox viewing.

Assign a SentriLock lockbox for vendor access to a deactivated rental or a rental not in Tenant Turner

On the Access page, locate the serial number of the SentriLock lockbox in question and click Settings under the serial number. Then in the Address field type in the rental address for your records.

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