In light of COVID-19, property managers are facing tough decisions and finding creative ways to continue renting properties. We’ve collected those ideas and added some of our own to help keep your agents and community safe, while minimizing the impact on your business. 

Set up self-access viewings

The most common question we’ve received in light of COVID-19 is: how do we get set up with self-access so we don’t have to send our agents out into the field? 

  • Use electronic lockboxes and send one-time codes to leads. If you don’t already have electronic lockboxes, you can order those from your Billing Page in Tenant Turner. Here is a video of how self-access works with our software. 

  • Use contractor boxes you may already have in your office. You can still use these with Tenant Turner scheduling. Simply enter the code in the rental settings, and we will send that code to your leads when it’s time for their viewing. 

Modify in-person showings 

  • Reduce the number of showings per time. If you plan to proceed with caution, you can limit showings to one person per time and increase the showing duration. This will limit human contact and allow time to thoroughly sanitize between each showing. 

  • Set viewing approval to Take Requests and ask a custom question about risk factors. Questions like: have you or your family member been ill in the last 14 days? or have you traveled abroad in the last month? While you may not want to disqualify someone automatically, you can gather information from leads that may help avoid putting your showing agents in harm’s way.

  • Switch to virtual “in-person” showings. Some property managers are sending agents to rentals, but they include a note in the showing instructions not to come to the tour. Instead, they’re asked to call the agent for a FaceTime or Duo tour of the rental. You can use a custom question to ask leads which method they prefer:

Pause all showings and use Virtual Tours instead

  • Turn on the waitlist with a custom message letting leads know that the rental is available but showings are paused. Tenant Turner is still immediately responding to, following up with, and pre-qualifying everyone, and you’re setting clear expectations around why showings are on hold. When you turn the waitlist off, Tenant Turner will let leads know that showings are now available. 

  • Rely on virtual tours. Virtual tours are an extremely effective way to share the look and feel of a rental in times of social distancing. You can link to a virtual tour in your waitlist message in lieu of showings, and also place it on your Tenant Turner listings page, so leads can view the rental before they even attempt to schedule:

  • Set up blackout dates for the next 7-10 days. Leads will still be able to schedule, but only for dates in the future. In the meantime, direct them to the virtual tour link. 

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