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Control which actions will send alerts to your email

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Notifications help you stay on top of important lead and showing activity, even when you're not signed into Tenant Turner. You can customize which actions send you email alerts, so you're only getting notified about the things that matter most to you. To customize your user notifications:  

  1. Click on the Users icon from the left navigation. 

  2. Click on the Settings button for your user. 

  3. Click on the Notifications tab at the top. 

Note: A notification is turned on when the toggle is set to blue.

Most notifications are simply a "heads up" as leads move through Tenant Turner's automated leasing process, so action on your part is optional unless clearly specified. You can receive notifications about: 

  • Qualified leads: a lead has answered the pre-qualifying questions and is a good fit for the rental. 

  • Disqualified leads: a lead has answered the the pre-qualifying questions but did not meet the minimum requirements for the rental. 

  • Pending leads: a lead has just inquired about a listing, but has not yet answered the pre-qualifying questions. 

  • Viewing requests: a qualified lead has requested to view the property. You will need to approve one of the requested times, suggest a new time, or decline the lead's request. 

  • Self-access arrivals: a lead, vendor, or agent has arrived at a property and received a one-time access code to an electronic lockbox.  

  • Viewing feedback: a lead has shared feedback after a showing. Review feedback in case any follow-up action is needed. 

Note: At this time, alerts to property managers are only sent as emails. You can turn on notifications within your phone settings if you'd like a mobile notification when a Tenant Turner email comes through.

Copy other users on notifications

For all email notifications you're receiving through Tenant Turner, you can add other email address to receive copies as well.

For example, you may have two leasing agents who would like to stay informed about new lead notifications and other activity on your rentals. You can also use this to have viewings appear on other calendars. Every calendar appointment gets sent as an email, so you can add the email address for associated calendar to ensure calendar appointments get added automatically to that calendar as well.

To add other email addresses, go to Users > Settings for the person who is currently receiving email notifications > Notifications > Also Send Copies To. Multiple email addresses can be added by separating each with a comma.

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