In a time of social distancing, you can utilize Tenant Turner's In-Person Viewing settings to transform your "in-person" viewings into live virtual tours.

Under your Account Settings or the individual Rental Settings, expand the Optional Showing Details for In-Person Viewings to display the Address Override and Showing Instructions.

Use the Address Override field to enter the link that will be used for the live virtual tour (i.e. Google Meet, Zoom, Skype). Include any additional instructions needed for the viewing in the Showing Instructions.

The Address Override information will carry over into the lead's calendar event as the appointment location and the lead will also receive the Address Override as well as the Showing Instructions via text message once they confirm their appointment.

Tip: To ensure leads fully understand that a viewing will be hosted virtually, you can add a custom screening question to reiterate the viewing type and that the lead should not physically go to the property.

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