Are one or more of your your on-market rentals not showing up in Tenant Turner? Here's what to check first...

Tenant Turner will import anything listed on your Online Listings page in Rent Manager. Click on Services > Listings in Rent Manager to see if your rental is there. The page will look like this:

If the address you're looking for is on the Online Listings page but not in Tenant Turner:

  • Try running a fresh import in Tenant Turner. Make sure that page isn't filtered to only view rentals assigned to a particular user.

  • Check the address on the Online Listings page to see if that unit is missing any required information. Add missing info in the Unit > Marketing tab in Rent Manager.

  • If the Property Type field says "Other" or "Commercial" you'll need to update that to a residential property type value instead.

  • Make sure that you have granted permission for our API to access this rental. Go to the Tenant Turner integration in Rent Manager and check to see if the permissions are enabled -- it will look something like this:

If the address you're looking for isn't on the Online Listings page, you'll need to determine why.

  • Check System Preferences > Online Listings > General to see what criteria puts something onto the Online Listings page. Usually it's the unit's vacancy status or a UDF with a yes/no value. Check Unit > Details to be sure the criteria is met.

  • Check the Include/Exclude field on the Unit > Marketing tab to see if it says "Always Exclude." If so, you'll need to change that to "Use System Preference."

  • Check the Property settings on the General tab. It might be that you have the box selected to look at Property Level Online Listings. You will want to uncheck that if it is currently checked.

If you still do not see your rental on the Online Listings page, please contact Rent Manager support at Tell them you are working with a Rent Manager integrated partner who is importing your Online Listings and the unit address that isn’t showing up and should be. They can help you determine why it's not there!

If you're trying to take a rental off market but still seeing it in Tenant Turner, please follow these same troubleshooting steps in reverse to be sure the rental is no longer showing on your Online Listings page in Rent Manager.

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