Which sources convert the most renters?
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If someone were to ask which advertising sources send you the most leads, you could run the Lead Source Report in Tenant Turner and give them a quick answer. But, if they were to ask which sources send you the most renters, your answer may be more of a hunch... until now! This article explains how you can easily track your renters moving forward, so over time you can see which sites are most valuable to your business and decide where to prioritize ads.

Select the new renters when you deactivate a rental.

Whenever you deactivate a rental, simply select the new renter(s) from the list of leads:

Track where your renters come from in Tenant Turner reporting

The Lead Source Report in Tenant Turner has a new "Selected" value in the Status column to mark leads who converted into renters. As you track more and more renters, you'll be able to see trends around which sites these renters are coming from.

Tip: To see a list of only renters, download the Lead Source Report as a .csv file to then filter by the "Selected" value in the Status column. Also, make sure you push the date range back to capture all selected renters!

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