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Need to cancel a showing? Not sure why a showing was cancelled? This article has everything you need!

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There are four ways that a showing can get cancelled when scheduled through Tenant Turner:

  • A lead cancels their appointment.

  • You can manually cancel a showing.

  • A rental is deactivated in Tenant Turner, automatically canceling future showings.

  • Your Confirmation settings are set to automatically cancel a showing if a lead does not confirm within the required window.

Manually cancel a showing

There is not a way to bulk cancel showings on an active rental. If one or more showings need to be cancelled, you will need to click into each lead's name and click the CANCEL button, seen below.

Once you click CANCEL, you will have the opportunity to write a custom message that we'll share via text and email. The text message marked in orange below is an example of custom text:

Tip: You can always click RESCHEDULE if you'd rather the lead pick a different time instead!

Cancel showings by deactivating a rental

Whenever you deactivate a rental in Tenant Turner, the system will automatically cancel any future appointments in bulk. Leads will be notified of the cancelation via email and text. See example text below:

Auto-cancel showings if leads don't confirm

An account Administrator can click into the Account > Settings to check your Confirmation settings. If the Unconfirmed Action is set to "Cancel the showing appointment," Tenant Turner will automatically cancel a showing if the lead does not confirm their appointment by the "Hours Before Showing" threshold:

Leads are notified that their appointment is cancelled, and they will see the reason

is because they did not confirm their showing in time.

Not sure why a lead was cancelled?

To find out why a showing was cancelled, pull up the lead record, and it should specify if a lead cancelled their own showing, if a user cancelled it, or if it was automatically cancelled because they did not confirm in time:

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