Reschedule a showing

Need to reschedule a showing? Find out how you can reschedule for a predetermined time or invite the lead to reschedule themselves!

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Quick summary of how to reschedule a showing appointment:

  1. Find the rental on the Rentals page

  2. Click 'leads' for that rental

  3. Find the lead and click on their name

  4. Scroll to viewing section on their lead page

  5. Click 'Reschedule'

  6. Select 'Schedule Lead' to either reschedule them yourself or click 'Invite Lead' to email them an invitation to select a date to reschedule

There are two ways that a showing can get rescheduled when scheduled through Tenant Turner:

  • A lead reschedules their appointment

  • You can manually reschedule a showing

Manually reschedule a showing

If a scheduled showing needs to be rescheduled, you will need to click into each lead's name and click the RESCHEDULE button, seen below.

Once you click RESCHEDULE, you will have the opportunity to reschedule the lead for another date and time or invite the lead to select a new appointment time themselves.

SCHEDULE A LEAD will allow you to select the date and time that you've discussed with the lead to schedule the appointment.

INVITE A LEAD will send the lead a link to select the date and time for the appointment based on what is available for the rental. If lead has not completed the pre-qualifications questions they will be prompted to do so before the lead is able to schedule an appointment.

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