Under the Reports section of your Tenant Turner account, you will find a STANDARD tab and SCHEDULED tab. All reports under the STANDARD tab can be generated on demand and downloaded but you can now schedule these reports to be sent on an automatic basis as well!

Under the SCHEDULED tab, you will have the ability to schedule reports to be sent as CSV formatted attachments to one or many email addresses. Reports can be scheduled to be sent daily, weekly, or monthly. This section is also where you can set up the sending cadence for the individual rental Owner Reports if you plan on sending those on a weekly basis to owners as well.

How to Schedule a Report:

Under each specific report that you want to schedule, toggle on the appropriate receiving cadence. Once toggled on, enter in one or multiple email addresses (separated by a comma) for who should receive the scheduled report(s).

Scheduling options:

Receive Daily: daily reports will be sent each morning with data from the previous day (12:00:01 AM - 11:59:59 PM).

Receive Weekly: weekly reports will be sent each Monday morning with data from the previous Monday through Sunday.

Receive Monthly: monthly reports will be sent on the the 1st day of each month.

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