If you're receiving leads to your email, chat with us to see if there's a way to have those go into Tenant Turner automatically. If you've already determined there's no way to stop receiving leads to your email (e.g. your MLS does not allow you to turn off syndication), follow the steps below to automatically forward leads to Tenant Turner.

With forwarding leads to Tenant Turner, they must be forwarded using the instructions below for us to receive the leads in the correct format so they can be automatically processed and added to your Tenant Turner account.

Step 1: Add a "Sent to Tenant Turner" Inbox Folder

1. Click on the Folder tab from the top navigation bar in Outlook

2. Create a new folder called "Sent to Tenant Turner"

Step 2: Create a New Inbox Rule for Tenant Lead Emails

1. Click on the Home tab from the top navigation bar

2. From the Rules drop down, select 'Manage Rules & Alerts'.

3. In the pop-up window, click New Rule.

Select a template:

When the Rules Wizard window pops up, make sure the option for "Move messages from someone to a folder" is highlighted and click Next to select the rule conditions.

Select Conditions:

  • Uncheck the selection box for "from people or public group"

  • Check-off the selection box for "with specific words in the sender's address"

  • Click the hyperlink for "specific words" in the bottom half of the Rule Wizard to add the search values.

  • In the Search Text window, individually type in each of the following values shown below, clicking "Add" after each value to add it to the search list. Once finished, click OK at the bottom of the window. (Note: You are unable to copy and paste the values below. They will need to typed and added individually)




Back in the Rule Wizard window, click Next to select the rule actions.

Select Actions:

Check-off the selection box for the following actions:

  • Stop processing more rules

  • Move it to the specified folder

  • Redirect it to people or public group (Note: this must be set up as a redirect versus a forward in order for us to automatically process the leads.)

  • Click the hyperlink for "specified" in the bottom half of the Rule Wizard to select your newly created "Sent To Tenant Turner" folder.

  • Click the hyperlink for "people or public group" in the bottom half of the Rule Wizard to add your leads+XXXX@tenantturnermail.com email address to redirect your lead emails.

  • Enter in your specific leads+XXXX@tenantturnermail.com email address in the "To" field. (Note: To find this email address in Tenant Turner, go to Rentals > Listing Information section.)

Back in the Rule Wizard, review the final rule configuration. If the rule looks correct, no other steps are needed. Click Finish > Apply.

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