You have options when choosing which setting puts a listing Online in Rent Manager, but we've seen lots of success with creating a User Defined Field (UDF) often called something like "List on Tenant Turner" to keep things nice and easy!

To do this, go to Admin > Setup > User Defined Fields:

In the bottom right-hand corner, you'll see an Add button:

Make sure you select "Unit" for Type:

You can name it something like "List on Tenant Turner?" and create it as a Yes/No Field Type.

Now, when you go to your System Preferences > Online Listings > General, be sure that the UDF you just created is what will place a rental on the Online Listings page, as below:

Now moving forward, any rental set to "Yes" in the UDF will be placed on the Online Listings page in Rent Manager and automatically import into Tenant Turner!

Still not seeing your listings show up in Tenant Turner? Try these troubleshooting steps.

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