If Unit Name and Unit Number are connected in your Rent Manager system preferences, this impacts how addresses pull into Tenant Turner and how they display on the listing sites. Follow the steps below to disconnect the connection between those fields.

In Rent Manager, go to Admin > System Preferences > Online Listings > Standard Fields.

There, you will see the Unit Number field. Very often, it is mapped to "Field: Unit Name." This mapping causes issues. You'll want to click on the little dropdown to the right, as shown with the arrow below.

From the dropdown, select the blank box at the top of the values list. That should clear out any Default Value and show that space as blank.

Now, click on the box icon to the right. A popup will appear. Select Overwrite all existing field values and then click the Save and overwrite button.

Finally, you must click Save at the bottom of the system preferences page. That is a crucial step!

Please let our support team know if you have any questions as you go through this! support@tenantturner.com

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