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Lead Source Report

All you need to know to find out which advertising sources send you the most leads!

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With the ever evolving world of property management and advertising rentals, it's important to know which advertising sources send you the most leads. The Lead Source Report in Tenant Turner not only shows useful details such as leads' email addresses and phone numbers, but you can also reference this report to see where a lead found your listing and how they reached out. This article shows you how to understand and get the most out of what you see in the Lead Source Report.


This column tells you how leads are connecting with you. The possible channels include Email (usually sent from a listing site), Phone, or Web (meaning they inquired via a direct Tenant Turner link, such as the listings widget on your website).


This field is automatically populated if a lead comes through a 3rd party listing site (i.e., Zillow, Zumper, etc), but leads also have the opportunity to self-select the source of where they heard about the listing.


This will indicate if a lead came from your company website or a vendor partner connecting leads to Tenant Turner. Below are the different Partners you may see in your Lead Source Report.

  • Tenant Turner - the lead came through a Tenant Turner link. This link may have been posted on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, etc.

  • Company - the lead came through from your company website via the Tenant Turner listings widget.

  • VI - the lead was first captured as a lead by calling your Tenant Turner listings phone number and speaking with someone from VirtuallyIncredible about a listing. Note: VirtuallyIncredible is a leasing line call center add-on available through Tenant Turner. Check out this article for more information!

  • blank - the lead inquired from a 3rd party listing site (so, not one of our partner sources).

Note: This report captures the channel and source for a lead's initial inquiry. If a lead inquires multiple times from different sources, the report will not update.

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