As the listing site landscape changes, we're giving you more control to decide which rentals you'd like us to market for you through Tenant Turner, and to which sites.

Note: this only applies if Tenant Turner is your syndication source. If you syndicate from somewhere else, such as your property management software or MLS, leave all syndication settings in Tenant Turner to "off." We do not recommend syndicating from multiple sources.

Admins set default Syndication preferences in Account Settings

Users with Administrator access can set default listing preferences on the Account > Settings page. The settings you select here will apply to new listings moving forward, but can be customized within each listing.

As a reminder, some sites, like Zillow Sites, require a separate paid agreement in order to pick up listings from our feed. Simply turning on the toggle in Tenant Turner is not enough if no paid agreement is in place. This help article reviews which are free vs. paid.

Users can customize which listing sites a particular rental will advertise with

You can get specific about which sites individual rentals will be sent to on the Rental > Settings page. These settings will override the global default settings.

If you have questions about your specific syndication settings, reach out to our support team and we'll be happy to help!

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