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Tenant Turner is constantly evolving, and we welcome all feedback from our customers on how to improve the software. Feel free to share your tips with us too!

Here are a few tips that may be useful to know:

  1. Complete the 'Amenities' and 'Utilities Included' sections in the rental settings. This helps the visibility of your listings when prospective tenants filter their search preferences on listing sites!

  2. Most Listing websites do not allow urls or phone numbers in the photos, or marketing description.

  3. When you have a vacant unit actively on the market, be sure to keep the 'date available' current. If you are importing your rentals from a property management software, you will need to update this in that system first and then refresh your Tenant Turner import.

  4. We automatically resize any rental images to be 800x800 if they're larger than that when imported or uploaded. Anything smaller than that size has a chance of decreased image quality. The format requirements are either jpeg or png. 

  5. Make sure you are only syndicating your listings from one source. For example, if you are syndicating to the listing sites from Tenant Turner, be sure to have syndication turned off in your property management software. We recommend Tenant Turner be used as your main syndication source. 

  6. If you are ready to take a listing off the market, be sure to deactivate the rental in Tenant Turner! This will cancel any scheduled viewings and send out a bulk update to leads who have actively inquired within the last 14 days that the home is no longer available and they should check out your other available rentals.

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