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Why isn't my listing showing correctly (or at all) on Zillow?
Why isn't my listing showing correctly (or at all) on Zillow?

Zillow is particular about the information you provide in your listing. Here are some tips to point you in the right direction.

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Zillow requires all photos to have a resolution of at least 330 x 220. If you do not see some or all of your rental's pictures, verify their resolution in the software you use to syndicate your listings and adjust if necessary.

Zillow also uses an algorithmic photo sort that has proven to increase engagement by 20%. Therefore, photo order on your listings will be automatically rearranged based on these algorithms to display images in the order that leads prefer to see. Unfortunately, photo order is out of our control but you are welcome to reach out to to see if they can offer further assistance around this.


Zillow prohibits the word "felony" or "felonies" in marketing descriptions. Having this word included may result in your marketing description from being displayed on a listing.

Note: Zillow does not allow 'rooms for rent'.

Zillow requires all listings to have a price. Verify your listings include the monthly rent amount.

Zillow requires URLs and email addresses to be removed from property descriptions. They may block listings if they find links and email addresses in your listings.


Zillow will display multi-family units, in buildings or communities under 25 units, under the building address and then provide prospective tenants with links to individual floor-plans or individual units that you have listed for rent. Thus, multi-family listings will look slightly different than single family listings.

Note: Zillow requires a paid subscription to list units for buildings with over 25 total units. If you are trying to advertise a listing in a building with more than 25 total units, go to to sign up for Zillow's rental advertising.

Zillow no longer requires a paid contract for basic listings. For information about premium listings, contact

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