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Viewings: Self-Access viewing settings for rentals
Viewings: Self-Access viewing settings for rentals

Help setting up your rental to allow self access viewings.

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The Self-Access Viewings option is for rentals where the tenant lead will show themselves the rental (as opposed to the property manager or a leasing agent showing the rental). Typically, self-access viewings are facilitated by a CodeBox or SentriLock lockbox, but Tenant Turner can also work with combo lockboxes as well.

To indicate your rental will allow for self-access viewings, toggle it on.

Note: To allow the option to turn Self-Access Viewings on for any of your rentals, it must be turned on in your Account Settings.

Viewing Type
The type of self-access viewing (e.g. CodeBox, SentriLock, or mechanical lockbox).

Viewing Approval
Most of the time property managers want self-access viewings to be approved automatically, in which case the Viewing Approval field should be set to "Set Appointments" (the "Take Requests" option will require the property manager to approve or decline the viewing requests).

Self-Access CodeBox Serial Number
If CodeBox or SentriLock is selected as the Viewing Type, the Self-Access CodeBox or SentriLock Serial Number drop down box will automatically populate with available serial numbers.

Self-Access Viewing Instructions
You may change the access instructions we provide to the tenant lead. This field is optional.

Require Government ID
You may choose to require the tenant lead to upload a copy of his or her driver's license or government ID in order to schedule a self-access viewing. You can view the uploaded photo from the lead's detail page by selecting the lead's name and then on their lead page it will have a button that you can click to 'view ID'.


  • All IDs uploaded to a lead's page in Tenant Turner will be deleted 90 days after the ID was uploaded to Tenant Turner, regardless of lead or rental status. For more information on our privacy policy, please click here.

  • If a lead arrives 90 mins before or after their scheduled appointment time, Tenant Turner will not provide the lead with their access code. We will also not provide a lead with their access code if they arrive before or after the Self-Access timeframe that is indicated under your Account Settings (i.e 8am-9pm).

Want to know what the self access showing process looks like for leads? Check out this article: Lead flow: Self access viewings

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