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What are the lead statuses shown under the Qualified column on a rental's lead page?

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When you sign in to Tenant Turner and navigate to a specific rental, you will be presented with a Leads Page within the Rental Dashboard. This page will look like this:

On the Leads Page, you will see thee different indicators under the "Qualified" column:

  • Green dot = Qualified lead

  • Grey line = Pending lead

  • Grey dot = Disqualified lead

A "Pending Lead" indicates we have collected some initial information from the tenant lead such as his/her name, email, and phone number.

If a "Pending Lead" comes into Tenant Turner, we will then follow up by emailing that lead 48 hours after they initially come into our system. The purpose of this follow up is to help remind the tenant lead to finish your pre-qualification process and request a time to see the rental.  If the lead does not respond after 72 hours we will automatically archive them so you know they are no longer interested. If the tenant lead comes back after 72 hours they will be automatically unarchived.

Once the lead answers the pre-qualification questions they will either be qualified or disqualified based on your rental restrictions. Anyone qualified will be able to automatically schedule based on your availability. Anyone with disqualified will be automatically archived. 

For more information on what the flow of the lead's process looks like, check out these help articles:

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