Please note: The admin/agent code is powerful. Do not give the admin/agent code to tenant leads or the real estate agents representing them. The "agent" in "agent code" is for agents of your organization.

To update the settings on the CodeBox lockbox you will need the 6-digit admin code found on the CodeBox lockbox page.

Note: CodeBox lockboxes will no longer allow for similar master codes to be programed. If you are trying to change your master codes and receiving a code conflict error please verify that the shackle, admin or door code do not start with the same 5 digits.

  1. On the CodeBox lockbox, key in the 6-digit admin/agent code followed by <ENTER>.

  2. Wait 5 seconds until the screen says Select CMD: at the top.

  3. To change the admin/agent code, press <4>. Key in your new agent code followed by <ENTER>, then press <ENTER> again on the phone number screen to save.

  4. To change the vendor/door code, press <5>. Key in your new vendor code followed by <ENTER> to save.

  5. To change the shackle code, press <7>. Key in your new shackle code followed by <ENTER> to save.

  6. When you're done, press <0> to exit.

Note: Anytime you are at a display screen that says SELECT CMD if 0 is pressed it will take you back to a blank screen. If you are in a field that changes numbers, if 0 is hit, it will insert a 0 into the field. Please be careful when trying to exit as this could change information.

If you modify your agent, vendor, or shackle code you will also need to update those values in Tenant Turner on the CodeBox lockbox page by selecting the "Update CodeBox" option from the Action button.

If you provided any of these codes to vendors or team members you will want to send them the new code.

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