In order for a tenant lead to request a viewing this section must be set to offer some times for them to choose from. There are two ways to do this, either via the user’s General Availability settings, or by setting up Rental-Specific Availability for this rental only. (Note: At least one of these two options must be set, you may also set both options to ON but not both to OFF.)

If you select Rental-Specific Availability then you may choose particular windows of time and days of the week to show this rental (times only for this rental).

Times and days can be set to repeat weekly, or as one-off showings for that date only. You may select the Maximum Number of Showings per Time and decide to set the Viewing Approval to "Take Requests" (you have to accept for the showing to be scheduled) or "Set Appointments" (will be automatically accepted and scheduled). Always remember to save each availability or the times will be lost.

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