Tenant Turner imports all the rental details from your back-end property management software multiple times a day. You do not have to do any data entry into your Tenant Turner account, as all of the rental details including photos will be imported for you.

In order for a rental to become active in Tenant Turner you will need to activate it, and select whose portfolio it belongs to. Until it has been activated, tenant leads will not be scheduled. However, all of your leads will be stored and nurtured until you’re ready to activate the rental.

To activate a rental go to the Rentals page and click ACTIVATE for each rental.

Rentals are imported into the default portfolio shown in your Account Settings. When a rental is imported, restrictions and viewing settings are applied based on your Account Settings by default. You can assign rentals from your default portfolio to the appropriate user and adjust the restrictions and viewing settings specific to this rental.

Once activated, the rental will have its own leads dashboard, owner report, availability, and settings pages. 

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