Once your rentals are imported or created in Tenant Turner, the next step to kick everything off is to activate your listings. Activating your listings will set the rental criteria, viewing method(s) and availability so tenant leads can pre-qualify and request or scheduled a showing. If Tenant Turner is handling your syndication, activating the rental will allow for the listing to begin syndicating out to the various listing sites for advertisement as well!

Until a listing has been activated, tenant leads will not be scheduled. However, all of your leads will be stored and nurtured until you’re ready to activate the rental.

How to activate your rentals:

Unless manually adding in your rentals, Tenant Turner imports all the rental details from your back-end property management software multiple times a day. All of the rental details including photos will be imported for you eliminating the need to manual add that information into your Tenant Turner account.

When a new listing is added to Tenant Turner, it will automatically be placed on the Wait List and you will see the Activate banner letting you know the rental is ready to activate.

To activate a rental go to the Rentals page and click ACTIVATE for each rental.

First, you will need to assign the rental to the appropriate user. If the rental is available for in-person showings, the assigned user should be the person who will be showing the rental most often, as they will be first in line for availability offered. The assigned user will also receive notifications about the rental.

When a rental is imported, restrictions and viewing settings are applied based on your Account Settings by default. You can then adjust the restrictions and viewing settings specific to this rental's needs.

During activation you will also need to confirm your Wait List setting to tell the system whether the listing should remain on the Wait List at this time or if the rental is ready for showings to be scheduled.

Once confirming the Wait List setting, set up the appropriate viewing method(s) based on whether you will be offering In-Person showings, Self-Access viewings, or a combination of both.

After following the steps on the Rental Setting page to configure the marketing, qualifying, viewing, and application settings, make sure to click Save Rental Settings to officially activate the rental.

Once activated, the rental will have its own leads dashboard, owner report, availability, and settings pages.

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