How you should deactivate a rental depends on whether you use your backend property management software (e.g. Buildium, Rent Manager, FreeRentalSite) to import (add your rentals) or are manually adding them to Tenant Turner?

If you are importing from a property management software is for you

You have to take the rental off market in your property management software first. If you don't, with the next import we'll see this rental still in your property management software's list of active rentals and we'll mark the rental as ready to activate.

  1. In your property management software, take the rental off market and turn off syndication / unpublish the listing.

  2. In Tenant Turner, run an import so Tenant Turner can get in sync with your backend property management software. The rental you just took off market will be marked as ready to deactivate on the Rentals page.

  3. Click the DEACTIVATE button under to that rental.

  4. Complete the deactivation form and click the Deactivate button.

If you are manually adding your rentals to Tenant Turner:

  1. In Tenant Turner, click on the rental settings and then toggle the "Rental is active" to off.

  2. Complete the deactivation form and click the Deactivate button.

When deactivating a rental you have the option to send all the tenant leads for that rental an email telling them the rental is no longer available. If you choose to notify the leads the rental is no longer available, we also allow you to redirect those tenant leads towards your other rentals that may be of interest. You can customize the message if you wish. Also, you optionally can indicate to which tenant the rental was rented (this is for your own records and is not revealed publicly); we will not email the deactivation notice to this person.

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