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How do I connect my Google or Office 365 Calendar to my Tenant Turner user account?
How do I connect my Google or Office 365 Calendar to my Tenant Turner user account?
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Quick summary of steps for this process:

  1. Login to Tenant Turner

  2. Click 'Users'

  3. Select 'Settings' for your user

  4. Click the tab 'Availability'

  5. Scroll to the section 'Check For Conflicts'

  6. Click the calendar option of your email provider

  7. Follow the prompts from the email provider to connect the accounts

  8. Back in your user settings, select the calendars you want connected

When you connect an external calendar account in your user settings you give Tenant Turner the ability to check for conflicts when scheduling in person showings. If the calendar event is marked as BUSY Tenant Turner will not be able to schedule a showing during the blocked time indicated by the connected calendar.

To get this connected, start by clicking Users from the main menu then click SETTINGS under your name. Select the Availability tab and scroll down to the Check For Conflicts and click the OFFICE 365 or GOOGLE button to connect your calendar.

Google or Microsoft will ask you to select or sign into the account you want to connect. Complete the connection steps and you will see in Tenant Turner the calendar connection updated.

You may connect your Tenant Turner user account to as many of your Google calendars as you wish, or to just one calendar. When we present a qualified tenant lead your showing availability, we will make unavailable any times where you have events that are marked 'busy' in your connected calendar(s).

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