If you or your team members want to open the CodeBox lockbox, use the vendor/door code. The vendor/door code is an access code that does not change and can be used many times, and it works 24 hours a day.

You can find your vendor/door code on the CodeBox lockbox page.

To open the CodeBox lockbox with the vendor/door code:

  1. On the CodeBox lockbox, key in the 5-digit vendor/door code followed by <ENTER>.

  2. Press just above the keypad to open the door.

Don't have a vendor/door code in Tenant Turner?

If you don't have a vendor/door code in Tenant Turner for that serial number either the CodeBox lockbox was not purchased through Tenant Turner and has not been entered, or your CodeBox was ordered before 7/25/2018 and therefore do not have the vendor code functionality on your CodeBox lockbox.

You can use the admin/agent code to open the door.

  1. Key in the 6-digit admin/agent followed by <ENTER>.

  2. The screen will display the date, time and serial number of the box. Once it scrolls to "Select CMD 1: Set Date", press the < 3 > key and open the door.

Note: Using the admin/agent code to open the door applies only to boxes purchased prior to July 2018. Lockboxes purchased after that must be opened using the vendor/door code.

If you would like to be able to use the vendor/door code on a CodeBox lockbox ordered prior to that date you will need to send the lockbox back to CodeBox and pay a $5.00 update charge + shipping.

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