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If you ever need to decline a lead, simple find the lead under the rental and at the top of their lead page you can click 'decline'. See the image below for reference of the buttons location on their lead page:

When you click the 'decline' button, the next page will give you the following message:

"The lead will be hidden from your Leads page. Any upcoming viewings will be cancelled, and the lead will receive no further communications. The lead will receive a notice of being declined along with the message below."

This page gives you the option to add a message that is sent to the lead once you confirm the decline process for them. Here is a screenshot showing this page displaying the referenced message:

If you declined a lead for any reason, but then something changes and you decide the lead may be a suitable prospect, the only way to place them back into the leads dashboard is to re-enter their information and pre-qualify them using the Add Lead button (shown in screenshot below).

However, you will need to do so with a different email address for the tenant lead than the one used the first time around because the Tenant Turner software does not allow the same contact information to be entered multiple times (so you don't get duplicates). Once you have added the lead you will be able to schedule or confirm a viewing as normal.

As a best practice, don't decline a lead unless you really know you do not want to rent to him or her. If you want to just hide a lead from your Leads page, archive the lead and set your Leads page to hide archived leads.

What the lead will see:

When you manually decline a lead they will receive an email with the message that was shown on the confirmation page when you were declining the lead. Here is a screenshot example of the email message the lead receives:

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