You will need your six digit "Agent Code" to update the phone number that displays on the screen in the case of an entry error.

  1. Type agent code then press the [Enter] button.

  2. You'll see the current time setting scroll across the screen.

  3. Wait 5 seconds until the screen says Select CMD: at the top.

  4. Press the [4] button to go to the Agent Code section then press the [Enter] button.

  5. Update the phone number then press the [Enter] button.

  6. Press the [0] button to exit.

**NOTE** Anytime you are at a display screen that says SELECT CMD if 0 is pressed it will take you back to a blank screen. If you are in a field that changes numbers, if 0 is hit, it will insert a 0 into the field. Please be careful when trying to exit as this could change information.

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