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Reports overview
Reports overview

The what and why of reports available to you in Tenant Turner

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To access reports click on Reports from the main menu. All reports under the STANDARD tab can be generated on demand and downloaded. To download a report, click the orange arrow in the top right corner of the screen as shown in the screenshot below.

You can also schedule each report under the SCHEDULE tab to generate CSV formatted attachments to one or many email addresses. Reports can be scheduled to be sent daily, weekly, or monthly.


Rental Activity Report
Shows all of the activity that has happened for a particular rental, or for all the rentals within a particular user's portfolio. By getting a quick snapshot of a property or portfolio, you have oversight into rentals that are performing well and those that are not.

Shows how many days each rental was on market including the start date and end date for the turn along with rental activity such as the number of leads and viewings.

Zillow Syndication Report
Shows whether a rental has been posted to Zillow, Trulia, and Hotpads, along with links to those listings.

Each rental in Tenant Turner has its own Owner Report. To see it, click on the rental, then click the OWNER REPORT tab under the address.


Lead Activity Report
Shows all tenant lead information including the date they pre-qualified, when they viewed the rental, and any feedback they left.

Lead Source Report
Shows where leads found your rental, how they inquired about your rentals, and their contact information. Looking to see which sources convert the most renters? Check out this article for more information!

Provides an overview of the number of inbound calls, sent SMS, VI calls answered, and options selected.


Viewing Activity Report
Shows the viewings, viewing types, and feedback for each rental. The most common use is to check the viewing types and viewing instructions set on rentals.

Viewing Availability Report
Provides an overview of the whole team’s availability for showing properties based on availability settings and viewing approval type.

Notification Report
Shows all current occupant and owner notifications sent by rental. Use this report to confirm the current occupant was notified of particular viewing.


Lockbox Access Report
Shows record for anyone who has either submitted the CodeBox or SentriLock lockbox serial number to get a one-time use code to access the lockbox OR is scheduled to access the lockbox at some point in the future. If an individual does not access the lockbox on their schedule date, then that record will be removed from the report. Use this report to reference lockbox access activity at your self-access rentals.

Note: This report tracks one-time use codes. The CodeBox lockboxes do not have any wireless capability so we're not able to track when the Admin Code, Shackle Code, or Vendor Codes are used.

Provides you with an exportable list of your lockbox inventory including serial number and assigned rental address.


User Activity Report
Shows your account's users and when they last interacted with Tenant Turner. The primary use is to check that property managers and leasing agents are logging into Tenant Turner frequently enough.

Account Overview Report
Provides an overview of activity for all portfolios under management at your organization. how many showings have taken place, and the average number of days on market. This is a way to get a quick snapshot of how many rentals are in each portfolio, how many are on the market, how many current leads you have, and how many upcoming viewings that portfolio has. Also includes average days on market for rentals in each portfolio.

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