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Account administrators can add, edit, and delete users.

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  • Only account administrators have permission to manage users.

  • If you signed up for Showings Coordinator through Buildium, check out this article for adding users.

To manage your account's users, go to the Users page.

Add a user:

To add a new user, click the orange Add User button near the top-right corner.  

User Permission (Role) Options:

  • The Administrator option will give the user a higher level of privileges.  They will be able to create, edit, and delete other user accounts as well as access Account Settings which includes your Billing and Add-ons. 

  • A Standard user is able to use all other standard features aside from the higher level privileges listed for the administrative role.

  • An Assistant will see a call center view of your company's rentals. This role is for a person or team that does not need to do anything in Tenant Turner other than assist people who call you to schedule a showing. They are not able to activate rentals or configure any settings. They can assist callers in scheduling showings but they cannot approve requests. Below is a screenshot of the call center view for this role:

After you invite a new user, each new person will receive an email from Tenant Turner to complete their setup by creating a password to access the system.  Completing the user setup will also verify their email address.

Note: A user will not appear until their email address has been verified via the account setup email received. The original invitation email is not able to be resent.

Once logged in, the user can connect their calendars and add General Availability if they'll be doing In-Person Showings. 

Note: The user phone number is the number we will provide current occupants if they are notified of upcoming viewings. We will also forward calls to this number (if you are not using the call center) if a tenant lead calls in and opts to speak with someone.

Edit a user:

To edit a user's preferences, click on SETTINGS from the Users page.

If the user's contact information needs to be updated, the user themselves will need to update this through their Profile found at the bottom of the left-hand navigation bar.

Here is a screenshot showing the fields that can be edited for the user under the 'Profile' button:

Delete a user:

To delete a user, click on SETTINGS from the Users page and click the trash can in the bottom right of the page. We'll ask you to confirm you want to delete the user.

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